“Lights” Solo Show at Robot Inside

RI_lights_poster_11x17lights_tara_anniePosing with Tara Heilman for a quick photo shoot!

On Friday April 15, I had the opportunity to display my paintings at the opening of my solo show, “Lights”, at ROBOT Inside.  I’ve worked with artist Tara Heilman, the owner of ROBOT Inside, on a variety of artistic endeavors before, and I feel honored to have the chance to display my works solo for the first time at such an amazing art and sewing lab.

Screen shot 2016-04-27 at 5.37.05 PM“Lights”

The works depict twinkling lights in a vast, yet comforting darkness, capturing the mystical, playful nature of their glow.  A touch of spring is evident throughout these works.  Scenes of vast skies, blossoming trees, cozy cottages, and warm lights are cast with melodic hues of rose, indigo, and lavender – singing of starry eyed wanderlust.

“Lights” will be on display at ROBOT Inside until May 12.

Seeded Paper Valentines at Robot Inside

Community, DIY

On Wednesday, February 10th, I will be hosting a seeded paper making class at Robot Inside in Sharonville, just in time for Valentine’s Day!  Learn how to make seeded paper by hand and discover what tools you can use to make it at home.  Class is from 4:30-6; ages 6 & up are welcome; class is $20 and all supplies are included.  Perfect for curious minds, gardening enthusiasts, and eco-lovers.  What better way to show how much you want your love to grow?!  Check Robot Inside’s website for details on registration at https://robotinside13.com/classes-and-workshops/.

Painting With Pattern: painting series at Robot INSIDE


This past weekend I taught my first Painting with Pattern class at ROBOT Inside – a newly opened artistic learning center and art boutique located in downtown Sharonville, Ohio, led by artist Tara Heilman.  (Check out ROBOT Inside’s website to learn more!)  This Painting with Pattern class was the start of a series of monthly group painting classes I will be teaching there.  Let me show you all the fun my students and I had during the kickoff of my most recent artistic venture!

beekeeping at Homeadow Song Farm + interview with C.V. Mansoor

Exploration, Homeadow Song Farm

This past weekend I did something I never thought I’d do… beekeeping.  I love bees, what they do for us and the environment is invaluable.  (If you haven’t seen my post about the bee-based crafts I made on the farm earlier in the year, you should check it out.)  But honestly, I’ve always been a little afraid to work directly with honey bees.  Something about being surrounded by thousands of tiny flying insects that may or may not want to sting you always gave me the heebie-jeebies.  But this weekend I was able to overcome my fear and help transport and install two packets of bees at the Homeadow Song Farm apiary.

how to make homemade seeded paper!


In light of my thesis work about helping the environment and bringing connections to people through the art I am making, I have decided to share with you how to make seeded paper at home (accompanied by hand drawn illustrations by me)!  This project is fun for the whole family, or as a fun project to work on with friends; and when you’re done, you can share it with others as party favors or gifts, or save it for yourself to watch it grow!

for the bees

Exploration, Homeadow Song Farm, Inspiration

In a previous post I talked about the beginnings of my wonderful internship at Homeadow Song Farm.  I had worked on making tamales the first few weeks, and talked about new things that I learned about the nixtamalization of corn and the in-depth processes of truly slow food.  I have also been getting much more in touch with other aspects of the farm, including getting to better know the helpful farm assistants, the bees.

exploring seeded paper and hyperaccumulators


If you’re as obsessed with Pinterest as I am, I’m sure you’ve seen the new trends in seeded paper.  It is used for wedding invitations, greeting cards, and even business cards, to name a few.  I started thinking about making my own seeded paper and researched the process, which seemed easy enough.

the abc’s of veggies is available for purchase!


the ABC's of Veggies

I am happy to announce that the ABC’s of Veggies is complete and available for purchase!  Each of the books is handmade from reproductions of 27 original illustrations (including 26 veggies for each letter of the alphabet and a happy cover illustration) printed on 100% recycled printing paper and beautiful colored cover-weight paper.  I had a ton of fun making this project happen, and I am excited to share it with the world.  Currently it is available online on my etsy shop, and also available in two brick-and-mortar locations: Rock Paper Scissors and Broadhope.  I am extremely proud of this project and I am already brainstorming for subjects for my next coloring book.

the ABC's of Veggies



big announcement: veggie coloring book!



You may have seen something similar to this on my Instagram in the past week.

I’m super excited to announce the newest addition of my creative endeavors to everyone – a coloring book! But not just any coloring book, a coloring book of the ABC’s of veggies! Made for children of all ages, I’m sure this is going to be a really fun project for me to create, and just as fun for anybody who picks it up.


The idea for the book is simple, there will be 26 coloring pages, each one with a simple illustration for a single type of vegetable for each different letter if the alphabet. But as a fun bonus feature, the edges of the pages will be perforated so you can tear out your coloring page and make some cute summery wall art!


I’ve figured out a vegetable (or herb, like for the letters G, D, and V) for every letter of the alphabet… except for Q! But I’m sure I’ll find something one of these days…


And for your enjoyment, above are the (potentially) final illustrations for the letters O and E! As you can see the pages will leave a lot of room for either simple coloring or a lot of additional doodling, and room for creativity is something I always liked in my coloring books.

Hopefully soon I’ll be announcing that the book is finished and ready to be thrown into some creative hands, but until then…

Happy making! – Annie