Meet the Artist – Annie Roth

Annie is a Cincinnati based artist, illustrator, designer, and teacher.  She is painter at heart, but loves to explore a variety of mediums, including drawing, printmaking, and costume design.  Her artistic work varies from large scale paintings on wood panels, to small designs for greeting cards, illustrations for children’s books, and even wedding stationary.  As a teacher, her passion is helping students discover the joy and fulfillment that art can provide.  Annie uses her meticulous creative eye, and love of balance and symmetry as fuel in her graphic design work.

Annie graduated from the University of Cincinnati’s Design, Art, Architecture, and Planing program with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.  She has participated in both local and national art shows, and has a self-published coloring book featured in the permanent collection of the Chattanooga Public Library’s 4th Floor zine library.

Annie has been involved in various Cincinnati-based art organizations including membership in Broadhope Art Collective, interning at Homemeadow Song Farm, and consigning art through Robot Inside and Rock, Paper, Scissors.  She has instructed painting parties at Painting with a Twist and taught elementary art lessons, adult painting classes, and private art instruction at The Wyoming Fine Arts Center.  She has also participated in local craft fairs such as Luminocity, Crafty Supermarket, and Craft Menagerie.

(updated 1/9/2022)

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