eat happy, grow happy


It has been about a month since I have begun this painting, but I am extremely happy to announce that I am finally finished painting this lovely little garden!!

crop of eat happy, grow happy

Well let me start back at the beginning.  I was inspired by this “Stay Fresh, Eat Local” print I had created a few years ago in a woodblock printing class.

However, I wanted to translate this wonderful image into a beautifully illustrated poster.  I took the basic concept of my first print and came up with the slogan “Eat Happy, Grow Happy” to  promote eating all natural, ethically made, organic, free range, fair trade, gmo-free, and all around happy foods, suggesting that if you eat happy foods you will grow happy in body and spirit.  I wanted to capture my WPA poster inspiration into this new illustration while adding a contemporary whimsical twist.   I’m not quite finished yet, but I am very excited to see the results.

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