big announcement: veggie coloring book!



You may have seen something similar to this on my Instagram in the past week.

I’m super excited to announce the newest addition of my creative endeavors to everyone – a coloring book! But not just any coloring book, a coloring book of the ABC’s of veggies! Made for children of all ages, I’m sure this is going to be a really fun project for me to create, and just as fun for anybody who picks it up.


The idea for the book is simple, there will be 26 coloring pages, each one with a simple illustration for a single type of vegetable for each different letter if the alphabet. But as a fun bonus feature, the edges of the pages will be perforated so you can tear out your coloring page and make some cute summery wall art!


I’ve figured out a vegetable (or herb, like for the letters G, D, and V) for every letter of the alphabet… except for Q! But I’m sure I’ll find something one of these days…


And for your enjoyment, above are the (potentially) final illustrations for the letters O and E! As you can see the pages will leave a lot of room for either simple coloring or a lot of additional doodling, and room for creativity is something I always liked in my coloring books.

Hopefully soon I’ll be announcing that the book is finished and ready to be thrown into some creative hands, but until then…

Happy making! – Annie