Seeded Paper Valentines at Robot Inside

Community, DIY

On Wednesday, February 10th, I will be hosting a seeded paper making class at Robot Inside in Sharonville, just in time for Valentine’s Day!  Learn how to make seeded paper by hand and discover what tools you can use to make it at home.  Class is from 4:30-6; ages 6 & up are welcome; class is $20 and all supplies are included.  Perfect for curious minds, gardening enthusiasts, and eco-lovers.  What better way to show how much you want your love to grow?!  Check Robot Inside’s website for details on registration at

how to make homemade seeded paper!


In light of my thesis work about helping the environment and bringing connections to people through the art I am making, I have decided to share with you how to make seeded paper at home (accompanied by hand drawn illustrations by me)!  This project is fun for the whole family, or as a fun project to work on with friends; and when you’re done, you can share it with others as party favors or gifts, or save it for yourself to watch it grow!