This illustration was inspired through my internship at Homedaow Song Farm, specifically by the Honey Be Mine celebration that Vicki Mansoor (director of the farm) hosts for Valentine’s Day every year.  As the main focus of the celebration, Vicki makes goods from bee byproducts such as honey and wax.  The goods are meant to celebrate all the good the bees do for us and raise appreciation for their hard work.  She also brings in local artists with handmade crafts to provide friends of the farm a small market where they can purchase a variety of handcrafted goods to gift to their loved ones.

I created this illustration as a delicate display of my gratitude for all the gifts that honey bees provide me, and as a means of spreading this thoughtfulness to my viewers.

Honey Bee Mine

Honey Bee Mine (2015)

12″ x 12″

acrylic on paper

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